October, 2017
Winning the Battle, but Losing the War: Leading our Students, Children and Youth
5:00 - 8:30 PM
"This workshop will empower parents, youth workers, educators, counselors, and youth pastors." 
- Melinda Adams, MA, PC, Loveland, OH
What you will learn:

  •  The Big Picture Matters.
  •  Communicating, Connecting, and Influencing: Three keys to leading our youth.
  •   People Do What People See: The Circle of Injustice, the Roles Everyone Chooses and what Youth See.
  •   L.E.G.I.T. Leadership Skills: Developing young leaders
  •   Risky Behaviors: The Rx Drug and Heroin Abuse Crisis and keeping our kids safe.
  •   WinXGrow at All Costs: Influencing Youth to Grow, Learn and Lead.
  •   Extensive Q & A Time
Each participant receives one month FREE for the Raising Teens and Children Mentoring and Coaching online group subscription.  This subscription includes great tools and resources for parents, educators, youth workers, youth pastors, counselors, and social workers, including video discussion starters.
Winning the Battle, but Losing the War: Leading our Students, Children, and Youth is a workshop that equips and empowers parents, youth workers, youth pastors, educators, administrators and anyone who works with youth to lead our youth through victory until the end. Often we become complacent with our small battle wins with youth, while the world is focused on the war. This workshop energizes you to focus on the long haul and grow our children, students and youth through adulthood, developing leaders for our family and community.

Cleveland East
Willoughby Bible Church
37927 Euclid Ave
Willoughby, OH
$27 per person in advance/$37 at the door
Todd Walts, MA, CEO, Campus Impact &
Shannon Brennan, Hope in Motion

Copyright 2017 - Campus Impact USA/Community Impact Organization 
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